Welcome to ASK China

Italian-Spanish company founded in China in 2008

Foreign trade consultancy with its own import-export license

Who are we?

We are an Italian-Spanish company established in China with the core business of assistance to importers and exporters who want set up or improve their business in China.

Why chose us?

Because we are professionals with more than 15 years of experience working in China with a full competence and knowledge about how to handle business in this Country.

What makes us different?

Our  tailor-made services to importers and exporters are oriented to help customers to reduce costs and minimize risks. For these reasons also we have obtained our own import-export license.

Tailor-made services

ASK China is a consulting company that provides customized services to its customers according to their individual requirements and needs. We can manage specific tasks or following all the necessary steps from the placement of the order to the goods delivery to your warehouse.

ASK China, being also an import-export company with its own license, can offer to  customers the benefit of centralizing multiple purchases in China, making also safer the payments to the supplier. We can also offer services to the exporters, providing sales team for the distribution of their products within China as wholesalers/distributors or even retailing. 

Services to importers

Services to exporters

Inspection services


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