Import from China

Import from China

To be competitive in our increasingly demanding global economy, more and more companies are choosing to purchase their goods in China. These goods range from raw materials to finished products.

Since savings costs thought should not affect negatively the quality of the final product, indeed, ASK China Consultants offers to its clients a wide range of services related to the purchasing process in the Chinese market. Starting from searching suppliers to the full management of the production, till the goods delivery to the final destination. ASK China Consultants, with its own export license, can also help customers to purchase directly from local suppliers, no matter if one or multiple ones, with the undoubting advantage of regrouping goods in one single shipment.

Main services

Suppliers research

Selection of the best suppliers, providing every company verification report, quotations, production time, purchase conditions, etc…

Companies verifications

Legal status of the company according to the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the General Administration of Customs etc.

Factories audit

Full report, including video and photos, of the  manufacturer facilities’ inspection site, machinery used for production, warehouses, etc

Lab analysis

Analysis of samples in accredited and specialized laboratories according to the type of product or material to be analyzed.

Handling orders

We can carry out your orders on your behalf, following up all the necessary steps from price negotiation, placing orders, production and finally organize logistics up to destination.

Goods inspection

With our inspectors we can cover all major industrial areas and offer during production, pre-shipment and loading containers inspections.

Logistics and documentation

We not only carry out the logistic follow-up of the order but also contract of the international transport and the verification of the documentation for customs.

Export license

Take advantage of our own export license. If you need to place multiple orders to different suppliers, now you can cluster all of them in a single parcel with only one payment to us.

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